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Customer's vat no on invoice essential re EC sale?

Sale of services to EC business customers - invoicing requirements

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Client has started doing some advertising sales to EC business customers.  Only a couple per VAT quarter and all VAT requirements are straightforward apart from getting the customer's VAT number on the sales invoice.  Client uses Xero & standard formats.  Xero say you have to set up a custom invoice format in order to just get the customer's VAT number to show. This seems a lot of unnecessary work.  Looks as though client can avoid this by just adding the number as a new line on the sales invoice - bit tiresome but a lot easier than having to set up 2 or more custom formats for their different types of invoice.  Anyone got any idea how you can just pick up the customer vat number (which is a standard field) without having to start from scratch with a custom format?  Alternatively, as they have the vat number for these customers, and the number can readily be put on the EC sales list, does it actually matter if it is not on the sales invoice itself?  Customer has their own vat number & the blurb about reverse charging etc on the sales invoice.

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