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Cycle to work - two employments

Client is director of own company and also works elsewhere - does he fail the 50% rule?

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My client is considering the purchase of a bike through his company. He also has a separate full time employment. The cycle to work rules require at least 50% of the usage to be on qualifying journeys. He will be using the bike to travelt to/from both places of work but the greater usage is likely to be to/from the other employment. Can the qualifying journeys include travelling to and from both work addresses or just the one relating to his own company? I have tried to find the answer but have failed! Any thoughts?

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By Anonymous.
16th Jul 2020 21:14

I wouldn't have thought use for commuting to an organisation other than the one that provides the bike could count.

Whether there is the remotest chance that anyone will ever check is another question.

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By Wanderer
16th Jul 2020 21:40

John R wrote:

Any thoughts?

Nobody, but nobody, ever ever worries about / considers / checks on / enforces this.
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