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Data imported was faulty - how to print a list of corrections?

Data imported was faulty - how to print a list...

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I am analysing 3000 sales invoice records in Excel. Quite a few have the wrong sales area code. Rather than overwrite the original data I have copied the "Area" column to another column "Area2" and made the corrections there.
What I want to do now is to print off a list of my changes but I can't work out how to do it. If the area codes were numeric I could subtract one from the other, but they are alphameric, eg change from "JS" to "DC".
There must be a simple way to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

David Carter

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By listerramjet
17th May 2005 10:45

its easy if you know how!
i have a rule of thumb when solving problems with excel - if it is taking more than 10 minutes to prepare, then there is an easier way. The problem is how to find it! Best solution I have found to date is to have a cup of coffee and read some douglas adams - works nearly every time.

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By David Carter
17th May 2005 09:38

IF statement + autofilter. Obvious really; doubtless this will be recycled as a brilliant Carter Excel tip in a month or two.

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By listerramjet
27th Apr 2005 16:52

slightly simpler
assume area is col C and area2 is col D, and starts in row 2.

create a formula in a new column to provide 1 for changed or 0 for not changed:


then use autofilter on the new column to hide all the not changed rows.

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By martincassis
27th Apr 2005 14:22

Try this
Would something like this help:

=IF(EXACT(area,area2),"",area & " changed to " & area2).

Compares the two cells, and outputs (to use your example) JS changed to DC. If they're the same, output is blank.


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