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Just answered a call from an unknown number on my mobile by accident - a foreign accent started the call with Hi Marion

I asked him to repeat where he was calling from and told him then that my number was registered for no cold calls so he shouldn't be ringing me.

His response was that I was on his list so he wasn't breaking the law by telephoning me - they would not be allowed to telephone my country if it was against the law as they were only phoning to help my peoples  by giving them a second source of income.

So someone has sold my name and mobile number abroad - he was very aggresive and kept saying he understood I didn't want to talk but he was helping so in the end I just said I wasn't interested and hung up. Somehow I don't think GDPR is going to help stop this type of call



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19th May 2018 17:29

1. Ring off.

2. Block the number.

Magically, the aggression stops.

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to lionofludesch
19th May 2018 19:07

Keep 'em talking. They'll hang up themselves and never call again.

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20th May 2018 10:17

I once had an unsolicited call early on a Sunday morning. After working out that it was marketing (about 2 seconds, hey don't disguise it very well), I asked how he had got the number, and pointed out he had phoned a number reserved for use by Number 10 only in the event of a national security issue.

I went on to demand varied information about where he was calling from (whilst occasionally barking orders at the non-existent staff and tapping on my keyboard), and kept the poor kid on the line for 20 minutes whilst I interrogated him. I swear, I heard the moment he soiled himself.

I didn't get an unsolicited call for more than two year afterwards.

I adopt a similar approach to Jehova's witnesses on Sundays, too.

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