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Looking for the best software to use for homeworking staff

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I am looking for advice on software that will allow staff working from home to access our client working papers.  We will only have 1 possibly 2 members of staff doing this.  Currently all the data is stored on my PC and all the computers in the building can access that information, there are only 4 of us.  We are looking to set it up so that 2 staff can work from home more effectively.  We are moving to TaxCalc Cloud so accounts software is not a problem just the working papers and any Quickbooks desktop backups.  A few peopls have mentioned DropBox but I am not keen and I don't think there will be enough storage facility.  

What does everyone else use?


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By janelm
22nd Nov 2020 12:36

If worried about security, use Boxcryptor with Dropbox (or OneDrive or GoogleDrive). It means that only encrypted files are ever stored on your machine, and these encrypted files sync to Dropbox in the cloud, and then Boxcryptor acts as an interface and loads a virtual drive with the decrypted files on your/your staffs local machine, for use of files completely as normal. You can choose which folders to share with which staff if you don't want them all to have access to everything.

I've been considering moving to OneDrive (still with Boxcryptor) as its a bit cheaper and general opinion among my IT friends seems to rate Microsoft higher for security. I strive to keep working paper files small (mostly excel/Taxcalc/VT) and I clear them out to other backup storage after 3-4 years.

But then, a top 50 firm just sent me professional clearance with all a client's details, last tax return and history in unprotected pdfs attached to an email, so I probably worry too much about security.

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By WhichTyler
22nd Nov 2020 16:39

OneDrive/Sharepoint/O365 is a good integration and saves having another set of passwords (if you are using MS products anyway)

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
23rd Nov 2020 00:06

Microsoft 365 with Groups is fantastic. You can share files, send messages with Teams and emails are in one place.

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By DavidWatson
23rd Nov 2020 13:21

Another vote for Onedrive its included in Office 365 gives you One 1Tb of storage per user far more than you will need. It using the same credentials as your email and other office products so simpler to manage. Simple to setup and on a Windows PCs can be configured to appear just like another attached drive.

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By sallyrichardson
26th Nov 2020 09:40

We use Gmail so have Googledrive. The business version for 4 staff members is approx £35 per month. We have all client folders on Googledrive and we all access the files on there - so everyone has access to the latest version of everything. Have been doing this for approx 3 years so when lockdown hit everyone could work remotely without any issues at all. We take regular backups of the data.

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26th Nov 2020 09:55

Also Office 365/Onedrive internally with the team, for the usual working papers correspondence files and so on,

For clients I tend to use Google Drive (accessible by any of the team) to enable clients to upload/provide data (copy bank statements/invoices/P60s or that loan statement they always forget to provide). It is easy to set up and I prefer to keep the clients own data separate from our own internal documents.

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By [email protected]
26th Nov 2020 10:28

Having used Box and Dropbox for a while i've now gone full fat Office 365 and using Onedrive and Sharepoint.
For me Onedrive has the advantage that
It's already paid for in the Office sub
I can share doc's externally with control and expiry when I need to through Onedrive or Sharepoint.
server grade file backup and recovery etc.
*I am aware that the other services also offer these facilities in the paid for versions

I was considering using Box for clients to drop files to me (have used Dropbox in the past) to maintain seperation from internal files. however i'm now planning on using sharepoint for that purpose.

Whichever you choose, make sure you implement 2 factor authentication etc. and take your own offline backups.

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By Clear123
26th Nov 2020 14:29

Thank you everyone.

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