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Database of UK companies showing ownership?

Database of UK companies showing ownership?

Does any one know of a database of UK PLCs that includes information on the shareholders? I am researching the impact of tax on corporate decision-making, and need to categorise firms held by UK-nationals vs non-nationals, institutional vs individual owenership, closely-held vs. widely held, etc.

I have been using DATASTREAM for research, but it does not inclues any information on the shareholders. If any of you could point me in the direction of a suitable database, I'd be very grateful

Sheila Killian


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14th Mar 2000 09:09

FAME has the answer
If you can get access to FAME - part of the Bvdep databases - they have shareholder information where it is sensible for all UK companies. This covers both personal and corporate. Not desperately comprehensive since it will only cover modest plcs but worth a glance.

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21st Mar 2000 08:47

Shareholder data
Jordans shareholder service identifies all those with more than 0.15% of the shares. Covers almost all plc's Data is taken from the annual returns. This may be of help.

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10th Mar 2000 19:55

Who Owns Whom
There used to be a book in my local reference library under this title , this may prove to be of use certainly for companies with substantial holdings in other . Some PLCs put in their annual reports a breakdown of shareholder by type - instituiton- individual , etc - eg UniLever

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