Date of birth was wrong for last 2 tax years

How to correct the past?

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Director's date of birth has been reported wrongly for the last two years both on payroll and on his sa return.

Should I make an effort to inform HMRC (although clearly they already know his correct dob) or should I just do it right going forward?

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By K81
17th Apr 2023 09:51

just correct going forward. HMRC have reported that this is a common mistake.

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Replying to K81:
By Moonbeam
17th Apr 2023 10:11

And I thought it was just me being stupid! Thank you - I feel a bit better.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By Hugo Fair
17th Apr 2023 11:20

By 'correct it' I presume you just mean report the correct value in the next FPS?

In which case, that is what I would do ... BUT then keep an eye open in the next few days/weeks for any sign that HMRC have had difficulty in matching this person's data to the previous records they already hold.
[I've not encountered this before - but, since DoB is such an intrinsic part of the data set they use to match a person's records, I would have expected a problem in the past or the future].

FWIW it might be worth him requesting a state pension forecast in a month or two's time ... just to check that they haven't been allocating his data to a spurious 'duplicate' account?

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