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Date sorting invoices on sage statements

Date sorting invoices on sage statements

Does anyone know how to reorder the invoice list on Sage 50 statements to show by date order.

I have put a data sort item into the report of, but these seems to have no affect.

It is my  own template I am using, but this is copied from a Sage standard template and if I go into any of the Sage standard reports and they also do not list the invoices in date order and putting the same sort on the report also has no affect.


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11th May 2012 11:37


I've not tried it but, what I think you need to do is go into the Report Designer and add a group for Invoice Date to the statement.  You don't need to show or print it, just add the group section for "AUDIT_SPLIT.DATE" and suppress Header and Footer.



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By tukans
11th May 2012 12:03

Thanks John, this worked. I had to move it into the right order within the other the groups.

Yvonne :)


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