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De-Registration in Error

Hello all

Bit of a conundrum with a client's VAT registration.


We had accidentally de-registered a client for VAT, I have wrote to HMRC regarding this and had no correspondance back from them also the number I was given to call was constantly engaged and I am now at a loss as to what to do as their VAT is due this month and HMRC are looking for a final return.


Any ideas on how to re-instate this registration?


Many thanks


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16th Jan 2018 10:23

There is a specific VAT reinstatement Team operating out of Grimsby - I have used them once before when a similar thing happened and after a bit of chasing and a fair amount of time it did get reinstated.

Ours was in April and the reason they gave for the long delay was the number of people who intended to deregister from flat rate accidentally deregistering fully..

When it did get reinstated, the client was simply asked to prepare a single 6 month return to bring things up to date.

Hope that helps.


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