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Deadline for 1st Corporation Tax Payment & CT61

Request for more information on whether a CT61 Submission is required please.

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Afternoon All

I recently began trading as a Ltd company in IT Consultancy. Company was incorporated 10/05/2019. I have also registered separately for corporation tax. Regarding the first corporation tax submission, from the materials I have read, I had believed this to be within 9 months and 1 day of the normal due date. This would mean 11/02/2020.

I have however received a 'Notice to make a CT61 Return' today from the HMRC. Having read through the enclosed notes and examples, I'm a little unclear as to when the first submission should be. Most sources I read from still suggest it wouldn't be due until early 2020, however the CT61 form suggests there are 4 return periods in each FY? The CT61 may not even apply to my situation, however I want to be certain I am not missing a payment deadline. To add context; the company has not provided me (the sole director) with any loans or annual payments, nor have I taken any salary from the Ltd company. The only expenditure of the company is the purchase of a small number of assets necessary for the running of the business, and paying travel expenses.

Also, if anyone could recommend a reputable accountant in the North East to assist in filing the first return (Ideally Teesside, further afield is fine if it can be done remotely), it'd be greatly appreciated.



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By johngroganjga
11th Sep 2019 14:15

Your best paragraph is your last one.

Just remember that preparing the company’s accounts must of necessity come before preparing its tax return. You make no mention of the company’s accounts or up to what date you are going to have them prepared.

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By Tim Vane
11th Sep 2019 14:18

I think I might have a stab at being an IT consultant. I’m sure it’s dead easy. I can work a computer.

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By CJaneH
11th Sep 2019 15:59

I know HMRC like the phrase Self Assessment but this does not mean any body can do accounts and tax returns by themselves.

Get yourself a qualified accountant.

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Replying to CJaneH:
By lionofludesch
12th Sep 2019 10:32

CJaneH wrote:

I know HMRC like the phrase Self Assessment but this does not mean any body can do accounts and tax returns by themselves.

Jo Swinson says they can.

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By Matrix
11th Sep 2019 18:13

It sounds like a nil CT61 is required. They are quarterly so look at the dates on the form, then engage an accountant and get them to cancel the CT61s going forward, I don’t know how you signed up for these.

You can search here for an accountant or if you use FreeAgent (recommended for consultants) there is a directory on there:

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By lionofludesch
12th Sep 2019 10:31

Depends what your year end is but you could have five forms CT61 in a year.

This is probably the wrong place to ask for recommendations. Somebody based in the Very North of Yorkshire will recommend themselves, which is no recommendation at all; anyone based outside the area will probably have no idea.

Either way, the main point to note is a CT61 isn't your Corporation Tax Return. It's a completely different form, asking for tax deducted from interest which you've paid (inter alia). We don't know your business but it's likely you'll have nothing to report.

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By vinylnobbynobbs
12th Sep 2019 11:27

HMRC do not issue CT61 returns unless asked for, so did you request one? If so, why?
If nothing to report then you keep it on file until you have something to report.

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