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Dealing with non-payment and potential bad debts

How to approach non payment

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Increasingly we are all going to face clients non payments and bad debts. 

Some clients will delay payment and some will not pay blaming the virus even though they could pay.  Understandably they will conserve in case of emergencies.  The mindset will be only to spend if they have to.  There will be others who will take the government cash and still not pay. 

Inevitably after patience and time spent salvaging the operation one by one they will falter then the vultures will be after them.  Any cash the client have will go into liquidation. We will get nothing.

Little point putting pressure on the client neither is legal an option as doubt the legal system could cope (with unexpected avalache of claim) and in some cases clients will never be in a position to pay so no point throwing good money and time after bad.

I have a few bad debts coming up in the food trade and don't think the client will ever recover.  Covid-19 has just killed them off. 

The difficult part is with clients whom over the years you have built a rapport you are their only hope and can't let them down so you help them even though you know their business will not survive and unlikely to get paid.  I guess thats what makes us different from other professions as we are loyal and dependable. Probably we have to spend more time chasing payment and negotating payment terms, payment plans etc

A lot of very big companies will start to go bust and this will have a domino effect on some of our clients.  When things get back to normal  (could take a year for business to build up again) clients that have survived would have built several months of debts to everyone and again there will be long delays to get paid.



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By Duggimon
01st Apr 2020 08:39

Well that's all a bit bleak. I think I'm just going to get on with things and deal with the problems that occur as they occur.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
01st Apr 2020 08:51

Start to go 'burst'

Very good...

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