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Dear Old Sage

Dear Old Sage

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Having used Sage for over 20 years, one of the best and most reliable features has been its VAT return preparation. I've found that it copes with the worst abuses by the daftest of clients inasmuch as the return will mop up all of the postings to accounts 2200 and 2201 - journals can be tidied up a long time after the event.

I've had two separate instances recently of items excluded from the return where correct journals have been posted to the nominal ledger - VAT scale charges and VAT reclaim from the fuel element of the mileage rate as examples. The reason is that the default T9 code applied to nominal journals needs to be overriden to either T1 or T0 for inclusion in the return.

Is this a new requirement or have I just ridden my luck for all this time?

Tom Egerton

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By johndon68
19th Aug 2010 18:42

Tax Codes

It has always worked that way - even if the journal is direct to the control account, if it has a T9 code (assuming, of course, that T9 is set as the Non Vatable tax code) it does not affect the return.


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