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Is it purely coincidental that HMRC Debt Management phone lines are answered remarkably quickly?


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By WinterDragon
10th May 2024 11:24

As a completely unresearched guess, I'd say that it's either one of two things.

1) Very few are ringing to make payments as the vast majority can cope with other methods of payment or using online methods to make a time to pay arrangement.

2) Some minister inserted their right wing way of thinking that the civil service should be run like a business and a business invests into ensuring 'customers' can pay as easily as possible. Ever noticed how quick a business can be to take your money but takes its merry time in refunding you when there is a dispute? No 'security checks' to take the money from you but 5-10 working days to send it back.

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By FactChecker
10th May 2024 13:55

The clue's in the name ... Debt Management

So, take the subset of taxpayers who owe HMRC money ... then take the subset (of that subset) of such taxpayers who want to 'negotiate' some form of payment terms ... then take the subset (of that subset of that subset) of such taxpayers who were unable to follow the fairly simple (given that there aren't many options) online process ... then take the subset (of that subset of that subset of that subset) who are willing to enter into a conversation on the possibilities (rather than simply accept what they're told).
I don't know the numbers of each subset, but it seems likely that the eventual number calling each day will be minute - compared to the number who have some uncertainty over almost any aspect of any of their tax affairs and are calling for general help.

Of course WinterDragon may (as often) be right in assessing HMRC's priorities - although I'd put it more sardonically ... there's a discernible link between the revenue derived from a debt management call that's harder to see (for those with Pooh Bear-sized brains) from a general helpline call.

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