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deciding on domicile?

deciding on domicile?

UK born individual, born in the UK, parents were UK (now dead).

he moved to South Africa in 1975 to work and lived there ever since.

his children were born in SA and have no connections with the UK.

since his retirement three years ago, he has spent approx 100 days per year in the UK over last three years. (probably UK resident , definitely UK resident post April 2013.)

he is building a holiday home in the UK now and he intends to spend 100 days in the UK for the forseeable future.  he considers his main home to be in SA and will probably be buried there.

anyone any comments one way or another on his domicile status? 


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20th Dec 2012 16:08

I don't suppose...

... THIS might help.  Your client seems to me to be building a case to not be considered to have done enough to have acquired an SA domicile of choice.

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