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Deferred Revenue add-in for sage + VAT query

what you users use

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looking at a potential client [but not for direct accounting] who is in the software/saas business,  UK incorp & based - no subs or overseas branches

5+ years trading and 'Billings'   now getting @ 3m pa , and are paying chunky  CT !  Billings+users registrations are global with £ $ + Euro enominated transactions

as to Deferred Revenue -

they do a rough and ready spreadheet calc @ year end.. hmm 

So :  What do sophisticated Sage50 users/ Companies use as addins, or best of breed, for Deferred Revenue and monthly turn over vaildation. Is /are these dynaically linked or report to post to SAGE.  I am guessing Sage do not have a module/addin, so it must be 3rd party.  Appreciate any end user experiences or advice on what to have/not to have.  The client would have several deferred revenue 'categories/lines' and £ $ Euro billings


substantial % now of gross billings are envisaged to ex UK companies with ex UK login  registrants.  Big % is to EU countries.  Some US balance APAC  As the subscriber has to login with their unique ID, i am therefore now assuming that the service is subject to VAT MOSS registration + regime for the EU element ? Would appreciate some vat moss user experiences 


Finally if not sage50 what have business tended to migrate to as an upgrade path

they have developed their own unique platform and seemingly have not yet made any R&D claims - how far back can one submit claims ?


many thanks for positves responses in advance = off to google to get googled up - but its always generic!

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By Hugh Scantlebury
27th Jan 2017 12:47

Zuora manages subscription and deferred income and also I believe can output to Sage.

Of course if not stuck on Sage then we'd welcome talking to them about Aqilla which does pretty much of what they probably need.

Finally on the R&D Tax credit backlog, a company can make a restrospective claim for R&D tax relief for the periods ending in the past two years.

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By kiwilondon99
18th Feb 2017 14:27

ZOHO - anyone using this with SAGE50 - interested in process and integration for monthly accounting [API etc ] or journal ? + ease of setup Do you believe it or any similar in use are GAAP complaint

Any Sage50 users out there - using any other bespoke or cloud etc based packages to recongise revenues and deferred elements of subscriptions business. Spoke with Sage themselves- eventually someone there told me they had nothing - gee we know that - but they have addon partners etc even then they couldnt steer me.. So aplogoies for coming back to re - address my opening query

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