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Deferred VAT payments on account

Are deferred payments on account deducted from the balancing payment due?

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If a company usually makes payments on account for VAT but has deferred the last two under the Coronavirus VAT deferral scheme, would they still only pay over the balancing amount to HMRC with the deferred payments on account being due before 31 March 2021?

In this case, for a VAT quarter ended 30 June, there would normally have been a payment on account on both of 31 May and 30 June with the balancing payment on 31 July. I think that only the balancing amount should be paid on 31 July and the two deferred payments on account should be paid on 31 March 2021. Is this correct?

I had a search for other answers to this and couldn't see one but if anyone can point to a previous discussion that would be great.


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By ste_gunn
29th Jul 2020 09:10

Thanks Les.

I'll take a look but I think that might be the general guidance rather than Coronavirus specific.

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