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Delegating work to continue business growth

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Hi all. I am a sole practitioner and have grown my business to a level where I would now like to delegate some work to free up my time in order to carry on growing the business. I would love to hear your experiences if you have gone through this phase or if anyone has any advice for me. I use AutoEntry for all of my clients where I do the bookkeeping, feeding into Excel spreadsheets or QBO. I would like to delegate the the processing of the AutoEntry data. Thanks.

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By stepurhan
27th Jul 2020 09:15

First step would probably be to not post this question anonymously. There might be someone actually able to do the work, but you've left them with no way of contacting you.

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By Mr_awol
27th Jul 2020 10:48

I think the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want staff or contractors.

Whilst delegate 'could' mean use outside help, generally I would expect delegation to be internal - as opposed to outsourcing externally.

As you don't even say what kind of work you do (just bk, VAT, payroll, accs, tax, etc?) there's basically nothing to go on

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