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Desperate Marketing - Black Friday

It’s Black Friday at the CGMA Store

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Really? Now shall I choose last year's iPhone with £1 off last week's price or some CPD courses.What irresistable offers has your professional body or trade supplier come up with. I've yet to see one for covid  tests.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
27th Nov 2020 11:03

I was going to offer free tax returns, and put in the small print, so long as we had all the data yesterday, or its twice as much as normal.

it seems to be about the level of the 'deals' on offer.

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By Duggimon
27th Nov 2020 12:01

Black Friday Matters

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
27th Nov 2020 13:39

20% off a debit when you purchase a credit in our crazy accounting sale!

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