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Did anyone go to QuickBooks Connect last year?

Wondering if anyone went to QB COnnect last year and was it worth it?

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I am wondering if anyone went to QB COnnect last year and was it worth the time (and less importantly, the relatively small earlybird £99 fee) for the two days?

It is on again next year from 27-28 Feb and I am considering going.

Was there any point in going for the two days?  It appears you can't just buy a ticket for the accountant day although of course one could not turn up on the first day.

Did you learn anything or was it basically a QB sales pitch?  I already use QBO for several clients and am a fan but don't want to waste time if it's not useful.

Any thoughts?

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By marks
26th Oct 2017 21:53

Yes I went to QBC this year and no it wasnt worth it.

I went to find out about QBO as was considering offering it as an alternative to Xero.

The workshops were a waste of time and the talks by the like of Alan Sugar, Mary Portas and Bruce Dickenson were equally a waste of time.

If you stay locally and could travel back and forward both days might be worth looking at but I had to fly down from Scotland so with the additional costs of flights, accommodation and time of office the £99 fee wasnt really significant.

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Replying to marks:
By Luke
26th Oct 2017 23:06

Thanks marks.

I feared that might be the answer. They also have no idea of agenda on the website yet so getting the earlybird ticket is not too appealing.

I am near enough to travel each day but that would still cost another £120 roughly. All money I am happy to pay if there is anything of use, however it sounds like there may not be...

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By chariot4info
05th Nov 2017 16:20

I was there and it was well worth the trip for me. I too have a number of clients who use QB (currently Platinum Pro-Advisor but was Gold when I attended) The thing to consider however is that the event is broken into 2 days.

Day 1 is for accountants. There was a huge focus on dealing with Accountancy in the digital age. With discussions on things like Machine Learning and MTD, as well as discussions from industry leaders such as Rebecca Bennyworth, you can get some great information from this day alone. It is focused on QBO (its their event after all) and the workshops where pretty general in presentation. I picked up a few tips and tricks but most of the ones I sat in on was nothing more than a pro-advisor refresher course.

Day 2 is focused on businesses. Talks by Alan Sugar and Bruce Dickenson where not for us, but to prepare businesses for the future. QB did an excellent job of portraying just how they intend to bridge the gap between a businessman and his accountant, but it was heavily focused on the businessman's side. Day 2 is where you need to focus on networking, not just with the staff of the various companies showcasing products, but also with the businesses present. In my opinion, if you haven't given out at least 10 business cards on day 2 your probably wasting your money.

I will be attending again this year and I will be bringing a few members of staff with me also.

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