Did you ditch dext?

Move to receipt-bot?

Didn't find your answer?

With the swift kick to the plums last year I'm wondering how many people actually ditched it? And what they are doing now? 

I suppose if you can the client volumes the price goes to around £5 a month which, I guess isn't too painful on a per client basis, the total monthly fee is eye watering though! 

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By WinterDragon
27th Feb 2024 10:58

I used a few free trials from Dext but never really signed up. Hubdoc is sufficient for our needs.

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By SouthCoastAcc
27th Feb 2024 13:15

I find hubdoc really poor, it's free so I guess you cant complain, maybe with better processes we could make it work

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By williams lester accountants
27th Feb 2024 12:37

Dropped from over 300 to 46 Dext licences due to the price rise. All Xero clients moved onto Hubdoc, and rest moved to Receipt-Bot.

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By Slim
27th Feb 2024 13:45

How are you finding RB? It was on my list as 10p per invoice is much better than AE.

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By DKB-Sheffield
27th Feb 2024 13:40

Very few clients on Dext now. Those that are now hold the subscription.

Most clients are on AE as I still have a handful of clients on Sage50 (that don't wish to - or could't move). I now bill higher-volume clients for the credit usage. Also handy for clients who insist on sending me PDF bank statements!

Tried HubDoc for a while but not a fan. Very few clients on Xero so paying for a mediocre service seemed pointless.

Quite liked ReceiptBot but, swings and roundabouts with AE (and no Sage50 link).

Smallest clients just upload to QBO. It's not great but, where analysis is simple, it does the trick!

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