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Different nominal codes showing as separate lines

Analysing supplier invoices over several nominal codes shows as separate lines on the supplier

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activity screen.

I'm sure it hasn't happened in the past with other clients - is it because I am importing the purchase invoice lines into Sage this time that is creating the problem?

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By tom123
21st Mar 2017 20:44

If the transactions are being imported, rather than keyed in via the software, I expect that is the problem.

The software does not know how to 'group' all the lines together, as they do not all have the same audit header field.

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By paulwakefield1
22nd Mar 2017 08:28

Undoubtedly due to importing. I have a client with similar problems importing sales invoice data where each line shows up as a separate row on the customer's statement.

My client has used an Adept add-on which addressses the problem. Adept have a range of add-ons available so I am sure there would be one that works for you. My client actually uses another of their add-ons for a separate issue and I have been impressed by them. (No connection, blah, blah, blah).

There are other aftermarket addon providers who may also have solutions such as Excel2Sage but I do not have any experience of them.

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By tracy.sammy23.freeserve.c
22nd Mar 2017 12:44

Thanks guys - I might import the straight forward ones and manually enter the ones I need to split. Or run a spreadsheet/journal for the split. Really only splitting out the carriage from goods.

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By NeilRH
23rd Mar 2017 08:49

All of the above!

Despite importing transactions being "run of the mill" these days, Sage is far behind on the process than most other systems, that's Sage for ya!

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