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Different year (period) ends and comparable period

Comparative periods and Taxfiler

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Small limited company reporting under FRS 105. 

Last financial year was 12 months but previous period was 18 months. Using our old software this wasn't a problem as it showed 'period from and to' at the top of the column on the accounts where periods were shorter/longer than 12 months.

Now we are using Taxfiler this ony shows the year (i.e. 2017) at the top of the previous year comparative figures.  It seems odd that Taxfiler can't do this but then it got me thinking - is it a requirement that the comparatives must state the period if it is not a year? 

FRS105 3.7 ''Comparative information: Except when this FRS permits or requires otherwise, a micro-entity shall present comparative information in respect of the preceding period for all amounts presented in the current period’s financial statements.''

Any guidance much appreciated.







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By carnmores
25th Mar 2019 19:18

i wouldn't worry too much just disclose it clearly in the notes

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Replying to carnmores:
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By Matrix
25th Mar 2019 19:25

I thought there were no notes for FRS105?

I am sure I had one of these last year so will check what I did.

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Replying to carnmores:
By Alwaysreading
25th Mar 2019 19:49

Do you use Taxfiler?

There are only 2 notes that you can fill in- Directors advances and Guarantees/other commitments.

There doesn't appear to be an option to add a spare note!

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Replying to Alwaysreading:
By lionofludesch
26th Mar 2019 09:41

Who's policing this, anyway ?

Nobody ?

All civil servants are on Brexit duty.

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