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Digita Accounts Production Advanced

Are any other users as sick of this program as I am?

I had to start using this program just over six months ago. It was a nightmare to start with and it's still throwing up errors.

We have about 50 (small) limited company clients.

Has anyone left Digita because of similar experiences?

If so, was it worthwhile? And finally, has anyone moved to Absolute Software Accounts?


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By mg200
17th Apr 2018 11:25

I left and moved to TaxCalc when they introduced the accounts function. I found Digita painfully slow and overly complicated for small businesses.

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17th Apr 2018 14:09

I used Digita until they introduced Accounts Production "Advanced". Absolute nightmare, total shambles trying to move everything across. Moved to IRIS as they were cheaper (!) and better!

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17th Apr 2018 16:36

Just left Digita after 4 years and moved back to Iris.

APA is not fit for purpose and we grew so frustrated with it that I would have gone back to typing Accounts on a typewriter rather than continue paying for it.

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17th Apr 2018 17:13

I was a happy user of Digita until they brought that in and also the cost was starting to shoot up as I was adding new clients.

Moved to Taxcalc and been great and much cheaper for unlimited clients.

Would not look past Taxcalc or BTC for the amount of clients you have.

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