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I've noticed this once or twice, but not really been concerned since I could easily access the information otherwise.

If using the "Get HMRC Data" option in Digita, and it gets, for example, 3 sources of income. This is indicated on the schedules, and you open each to accept or reject. However, after opening one schedule, the HMRC will vanish from the others as though it was never there, and it can't be retreived again.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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By Mark Purdue
28th Oct 2019 09:58


It depends on the income types. If in your example, the three types are pensions (i.e. in Digita you have entered three PAYE style pensions), we flag all potentially impacted schedules. As HMRC only provide one (combined) pension figure, when you accept it into one schedule, we remove the flag from the other two schedules (otherwise you may expect to import the same combined value again).

HMRC are in the process of improving the data they provide to software which includes a breakdown of figures where there is more than one pension.

However , if in your example you have three employments, and on importing one, the flag disappears from the other two, then this is not expected behaviour. If this if the case, please raise via our support desk.

Many thanks

Mark Purdue
Tax Product Manager
Thomson Reuters

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By SteveHa
28th Oct 2019 10:06

Thanks, Mark,

It was, in fact, pensions the last time I encountered this, and so your explanation makes perfect sense.

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