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Digita - should they host the SQL database?

Should Thomson Reuters host the database or us on-premise

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We have recently decided to move to Thomson Reuters Digita.  We were going to host the software and database on a new server in our office (our current server is coming to the end of its life)

After asking about the server specification Thomson Reuters have said that due to us having more the 100 clients we should be looking the 'full' SQL version which raises our server costs by 2 to 3 thousand.  Instead they can host the database for considerably less.

My concern is by hosting the database our speed using the software is going to be limited our broadband speed. We also have less control of the database but benefit from the maintenance they will undertake instead of us.

Please can anyone using Digita share their experiences of either hosting the database on an on-premise server or with Thomson Reuters?


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By Duggimon
30th Nov 2016 10:44

We don't use Digita but do use a different package running on SQL. It is a pain, I've personally had to learn how to use SQL Management Studio as issues with our server have fallen down a black hole between the software support and our IT support with both saying problems lie in the others area and so they can't fix them.

Database queries and answers to queries are essentially transfers of text, unless your broadband is dreadful I can't see the transfer speed being any sort of limiting factor, I would expect the transmissions to happen faster than the software processes the information being transferred.

After the last few weeks of personally trying to figure out permission issues with our backup software instead of getting some chargeable work done I would never recommend in-house hosting to anyone with a viable alternative unless they happened to already be well up on their database management skills.

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By leicsred
30th Nov 2016 11:16

Interestingly we were told that very few companies need full SQL server to run Digita, certainly the cut off we were told was far more than 100 companies.

We were informed we could run it on SQL express (which I think is free).

It might be worth double checking with them.

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By Tim Vane
30th Nov 2016 11:54

I am not a Digita user but surely that can't be correct? 100 companies before you need to spend thousands of pounds on server upgrades? That would be most of their customers wouldn't it?

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By SteveHa
30th Nov 2016 12:09

If your server is running Linux then MariaDB provides all the SQL functionality for free.

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By petersaxton
30th Nov 2016 15:59

I run more than 100 clients using Digita and I use the free version but I do run it on a single PC.

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Jessica Pillow
By Jessica Pillow
01st Dec 2016 10:26

I'd recommend using Hosted Desktop Uk instead of having an on-premise server as I found that halved my IT costs & time phaffing with Digita upgrades. The guys at Hosted are Digita experts having come from there. If you use the Digita Hosted version you are very restricted on what other software you can run on the server whereas there are not these restrictions with Hosted Desktop UK.

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By yvetten
01st Dec 2016 11:06

Hi, I'm going through the process of testing their hosted service to move over to it. The demo didn't work, so I'm getting another passcode set up on their demo site.
Every time Microsoft do an update the SQL crashes and I've lost so much time, so on top of never having to do Digita updates I believe I will be better off time wise, (and greater sanity) but extra visible costs! It will also allow greater remote working I hope and save time on the periodic but regular computer upgrades that will never have to be done again, but SADLY, they cannot host the P11d software I buy through them, which is a real backward step!

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Replying to yvetten:
Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
14th Dec 2016 18:44

If you would like a comparison then I would be happy to provide access to our demo system. Whilst we haven't yet tested all software applications happy to help.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
14th Dec 2016 18:42

A little late to this one. We have successfully installed Digitia to a Hosted Server with SQL Express and works just fine. We have also installed many other software applications alongside the Digita installation. This is how our business works and provides remote access from anywhere with an Internet Connection.

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