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"Digital Accountancy Show" 2020 - anyone going?

interested to hear if anyone has made the decision to attend the above

Didn't find your answer?

We're considering taking a small stand but as it's an "unproven" show, I wanted to get a feel for anyone out there who might have signed up to attend already and what you are hoping to get out of attending.

Thanks for any help/insight

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By lionofludesch
16th Jul 2019 10:17

Not me.

I only travel to London if it's absolutely imperative.

Although, by coincidence, my last trip to London was to White Hart Lane - albeit the far end of the street from the Spurs' ground.

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By Mr_awol
16th Jul 2019 18:02

Never heard of it, no intention of going.

I waste one day a year at Accountex and that's enough trade shows for me.

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By Counting numbers
17th Jul 2019 11:02

I go to Accountex each year but that's it. Everything under the one roof... done!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
17th Jul 2019 13:28

Yes I saw this advertised. Not sure it will be different to Accountex which is a far bigger show and surely all accounting trade shows are digital now?

Is there a line up anywhere of what is on which speakers are going etc.

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