Digital Nomad from Portugal with NHR status

Advise needed on employment /double taxation in the same year (Portugal + UK) & Self-Assessment

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Here's a brief description of my case:
1) lived and worked in the UK - I lived/worked and paid taxes in the UK since 2012 years (with an EU passport) and eventually got my settled status. 
2) 2020 -Leaving the UK - in 2020 I decided to leave the UK due to COVID and to travel a bit. 
3) 2021 - I adopted a digital nomad lifestyle and started to work remotely for a European startup but officially was hired by a sub-contracting company (e.g that was my 'official employer) as they offered a service that hired locals under a local company. in other words, I was hired by a British company, getting a payslip, p60 etc.. but working remotely and not residing in the UK. 
4) in 2022 I applied and was accepted for NHR residence status in Portugal for better taxation (Non-habitual residence which means 20% flat income tax for 10 years) ), and since July I started to work for the same European startup but was hired now under a Portuguese company and law and not a UK one. (playing local PT taxes)  and I got the tax residency document form Portugal to support this in addition to local payslips. 

as a result, during the tax year of 2022-2023, I worked 3 months under a UK company and 9 months under a Portuguese one. (of the full tax year of April till April 2022-2023)

5) I had transferred most of my employment funds earned in Portugal (minus rent etc.) back to my British bank for convenience reasons for it all to be in one pool of funds (but still have the PT payslips to prove any taxes paid) 

6) under the SRT flowcharts it seems that I'm non-dom as I haven't been in the UK for more than 14 days per year, not sure about returning, and my father wasn't born in the UK, and not sure if I'll get back or when I'll return.

7 ) Note-  haven't filed in the past SA106 , P85, or any related forms. 

8) UK employment earnings during 2022  (April - June 2022) was £38,600.41(Gross income)  
and I paid £12,076.20 in taxes on it. 
Salary from employment for a Portuguese employer (€ converted into GBP) :  £76,058.60 (Gross income)  
Local Portuguese taxes paid  £15,197.90. (July 2022- March 2023)  - of which I transferred 90% of the funds back into my bank in the UK 

I'm not too sure what should I do next? self-assessment (although I'm below the threshold ) and declare the foreign income? P85? 
the last thing that I'd like to have is HMRC down my neck and considering that I was a high earner and had to fill the self-assessment each year for the past 10 years 
I feel that if I don't fill it that would be seen as an anomaly (or the salary funds that I earned from my job in PT  transferred back into my UK account. ) 
I spoke with one accountant and he said that his best advice is just P85. but I'm not sure if this would be enough or what the downsides of filing this form ( future pension, what would it mean for my other savings that are in the UK, permanent resident status, etc..) 

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By WinterDragon
21st Dec 2023 12:52

You've raised some good questions, just not the kind to ask in this forum. I'll use our favourite adage of “If you intend to plan a course of action based on what you read in here, you should instead be taking professional advice.”

Engage an accountant well-versed in this kind of stuff and sleep soundly knowing your affairs will be in order.

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Replying to WinterDragon:
By j.brown
21st Dec 2023 17:57

thank you for your reply.

I did chat with an accountant but his response was just to focus on P85 and that's it. As based on the basic guidelines I was under the £100K threshold of earnings for me to fill a Self-Assessment.

But I'm not sure this is the full picture (as I also have investments and pension in the UK or my settled status and doing so might affect those)
but as I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to get people's feedback here

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Replying to WinterDragon:
By FactChecker
21st Dec 2023 18:04

I feel congratulations are due to OP for (unlike most non-professional posters) providing quite a lot of detail -and for raising the questions in a reasonably structured form.

BUT as WinterDragon says, particularly since OP is "a high earner" so can afford to pay for quality advice, it really is time to regularise everything ... starting by appointing an appropriately experienced advisor (who can explain any possible misunderstandings over concepts like dom/non-dom and many other matters).

UPDATE: in the light of reply that crossed, OP needs to do more than "have a chat" with an accountant - and by the sound of it with one having more experience in these matters.
If you appoint an accountant, you will lay all your cards on the table and in return get advice that is appropriate to your specific circumstances - not an answer to a single question that you have correctly identified isn't so much right or wrong, but irrelevant if all factors haven't been fed into the discussions.

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