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Direct Debit for PAYE

Direct Debit for PAYE

Dear All

How can Direct Debit be setup for a client who wants to pay PAYE via Direct Debit.

HMRC Guidence is unclear as it says, online registration with HMRC is required.

The client is already in my online HMRC Agent system.

I have called various HMRC PAYE nos and no one has a proper answer.

B Regards



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16th Dec 2011 10:25


Don't think you can set up a Direct Debit if you have the client in your online account. The client will have to separately register for PAYE online to be able pay by Direct Debit. Atleast that is what I have discovered after my initial struggle much like you.

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16th Dec 2011 10:14

The client has to register

... for HMRC PAYE Online or if he agrees, you can do it for him.  You must then use the client's User ID and password, not your agent ID and password, to set up the DD payment.  And you must enter the activation code sent to the client to be able to continue setting up "payment plans" each month or quarter in future.

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