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directly contracted childcare with an LLP

directly contracted childcare with an LLP

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I have been looking at childcare arrangementsfor a client with a limited company (no employees other than director and wife) and understand they will have the option of directly contracted childcare (assuming the childcare provider accepts dealing direct with Ltd Co) or joining the new government scheme being introduced in April in order to claim 20%. I was also looking to see whether an LLP could enter into a directly contracted arrangement for the partners and employees as it may be  useful for another client  therefore wondering if anyone could clarify the situation with LLP.


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Hallerud at Easter
15th Mar 2017 13:47

The members of an LLP are likely not employees of the LLP so cannot see employer direct contracted being possible/appropriate, any such cost would surely just be drawings.

Although not looked into it (so mere surmise at this stage) I suspect the new government scheme might be far more appropriate for the self employed.

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