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Director going on PAYE.

Does he need a P46/New Starter Form.

Good Morning.

The MD of the LTD company I work for has just requested to go onto the payroll system, this was prompted by the company becoming more lucrative etc...

My problem is how would I go about setting him up on the payroll software? We use 12Pay. None of the available options seem to apply to him. He is going on to £2000 net a month. 

Any advice would be very well received. 

Kind Regards 


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14th Sep 2017 09:18

How can none of the starter declaration choices (I assume that's what you mean by "options") apply to him?

He must fit within one of them.

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By Matrix
14th Sep 2017 10:05

If he is a Director then he became an employee on the date he became a Director. I don't know 12pay but is there an option to say that he was an employee before the start of the tax year (if this was the case)? I don't see why he can't complete a P46 to say he doesn't have any other employment so at least you can get his tax code right.

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19th Sep 2017 06:56

Follow the starter declaration!

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19th Sep 2017 08:32

Thanks for the replies.

I added him with a New Starter form from the day he became Director. I know it was probably an easy question, however, I would rather get guidance on making the right decision.

Thanks again!

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