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Director residential address and DOB

Director residential address and DOB

One of my clients on doing a  Google search of his  company has noticed that in addition to his registered business address being displayed, his residential address and is DOB is also displayed. He does not want his home address  and DOB to be disclosed.

This is the website that discloses it all.

Is there a way to stop director's residential address and DOB available on public record?



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By tom123
30th Jun 2012 09:10

Public record

Hi First Tab,


I suggest you change the directors service address details (at co house) to that of the registered office.

You still have to disclose the home address to co house, but there is a part of the form that is not on public record.

If, however, the registered office is the home address, there is nothing to do.

The dob will be searchable. After all, disclosure is the quid pro quo for limited liability.





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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:56

and unlimited?


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30th Jun 2012 09:52

On the Other Side of the Coin....

I knew all this info was available but this website pulls it all together - its interesting & useful stuff.

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30th Jun 2012 10:23

Too late - the cat is out of

Too late - the cat is out of the bag & the information is now in  the public domain. The above hints are good for future situations and it will do no harm to activate them for this client so that new searchs @ Cos House may be partially thwarted

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By zebaa
30th Jun 2012 10:31

Wrong & incomplete

I have just looked up myself. The entry is both wrong & incomplete, so make of that what you will.

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06th Jul 2012 12:08


That site also shows history of cash in bank, net worth etc.

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