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Director unable to work through illness

Director unable to work through illness

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I have a client who has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. As the sole director and employee of the company are there any benefits/ allowances that she may be able to claim for, as obviously her ability to work and earn has been severely effected. She is unsure how long the treatment will continue and how this may effect her ability to work in the near future,

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By lesley.barnes
05th Mar 2015 09:56


I can only speak from experience when I had a client in a similar position. He was on holiday and was stabbed and almost killed in a random mugging, leaving him unable to work for 6 months. After several months his savings ran out and he had no money. He went to the DWP as a last resort and someone took pity and rang me whilst he was there. With his permission they asked me to "sack him and prepare the P45" he then got some benefits - not a lot but he was also able to get benefits towards his rent and council tax. Not sure how official this line was but it might be worth the client exploring what is available. 

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