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Director wishing to pay a pension from Co

Director of own co wishes to pay a pension from co to personal pension..but no PAYE

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One of my clients runs a consultancy business and is director of a close company. He wishes to pay into a personal pension from the company directly as he has no need for salary.  There is NOT a PAYE scheme set up for the company as he has chosen to keep things simple in his first year of business and will probably take a dividend before 19/20 tax year end.

Does he need to set up a PAYE scheme for the company to pay this director an amount into his personal pension?   He is likely to retire in a year or two so we had concluded not to set up PAYE until his plans were more it seems we might have to set up PAYE scheme just for the company to pay into a personal pension..?  All the references online do refer to EMPLOYER payments to a director's personal pension scheme can be I assume that PAYE scheme is required,.  Welcome your thoughts.

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By lionofludesch
19th Nov 2019 18:25

PAYE scheme not required.

Pay away.

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By Matrix
19th Nov 2019 19:50

Ensure the scheme provider knows it is a company contribution so they don’t reclaim basic rate tax and ensure annual limits are not exceeded.

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