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Directors and tax returns - a FTT case

Directors and tax returns - FTT confirms what we've always known

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It's an FTT decision, and it simply confirms what the law says, so maybe not news.

Judge Richard Thomas said that a director doesn't have to register for self-assessment simply because he is a director. See para 43 onwards. At 49: "it will be apparent that I consider that the material on the GOV.UK website is wrong and should be removed. No one should be expected to make themselves aware of what is not a correct statement of the law."


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02nd Oct 2018 08:37

Can't understand why HMRC take these cases to FTT.

It's a scandalous waste of taxpayers' money.

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02nd Oct 2018 09:23

I particularly enjoy his acid footnotes :)

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to Paul D Utherone
02nd Oct 2018 16:06

They are vicious.

No doubt a product of dealing with idiots for a living.

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to Paul D Utherone
03rd Oct 2018 07:08

Paul D Utherone wrote:

I particularly enjoy his acid footnotes :)

You are certainly not alone in this.

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02nd Oct 2018 09:37

Will definitely be quoting this case at HMRC when they are refusing to withdraw a notice to file for a director!

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