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I'm filing my last payroll as a director, so I want to pay myself a salary + a bonus (to get over LEL for NIC).

Can anyone recommend a nice minutes template?


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By David Ex
26th May 2024 22:31

Less than 3 weeks ago, you said “I just changed my accountant”. Have you asked them? Or are you looking for a new one?

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By lionofludesch
26th May 2024 22:49

Jeez - "Mr Bloggs is to receive a salary of £££ and a bonus of ££££."

How hard is it to put that together?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By FactChecker
26th May 2024 23:08

Based on previous accident-prone interactions with Payroll, I'd recommend that OP focusses more on getting the right figures processed by Payroll and reported via RTI.
Board Meeting minutes wouldn't be top of my priority list in comparison ... but then, as David points out, it's only a few weeks since OP appointed a new accountant at the exorbitant cost of £140 + VAT per month (so it can all be sorted out after the Bank Hol).

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