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Directors incorrect date of birth

How to get this amended - easily

Client has just realised that her incorrect date of birth is shown on Co House register. It cant be changed online and Co House gave me a list of paper forms to complete. RP01,RP02a, RP04 and PSC01.

The error goes right back to the date of incorporation. From what I can see each of these set of forms needs to be completed per incorrect submission - 6 per submission so 24 in all.

I am thinking that it is a waste of time amending the past and as the date of birth can be amended on the Confirmation statement I am intending to submit one with the correct date.

Question is... will that be sufficient? shall I bother with the other forms? Will the correct date of birth be shown when you go into the "Find Company information section" for the company? 


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By tom123
16th Aug 2017 18:49

How wrong is it- the enquiries only show month and year these days.

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to tom123
17th Aug 2017 11:00

If the client noticed it then I would expect it's the month or year or both that's wrong as it's invariably only the public facing info they look at.

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17th Aug 2017 09:14

First of all you cannot correct the date of birth on the Confirmation Statement, this simply states that the information Companies House hold is up-to-date.
You are right in saying that you can file the paper forms, but another option would be to resign the director and re-appoint from the same date. This will not remove the initial entry from the public record. However for the PSC entry you can electronically file a PSC04 to change the date of birth.
I hope this helps.
Adrian - First Corporate Law Services

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By 356B
17th Aug 2017 11:03

As AS says, the only way is to resign and re-appoint.

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17th Aug 2017 11:32

Thank you all very much... what a relief! I'll do as you suggest and resign client and reappoint.
Its the complete date that is wrong - no idea why (new client).

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By jantill
17th Aug 2017 14:54

Whilst one should comply with the regulations as a director appointed when full date of birth was shown to public scrutiny it would seem a great way to aid identity theft. When I had discourse with the Companies House Registrar about the information providing a service to fraudsters who want to steal identities I was told in rather direct terms that the publishing of such information was a quid quo pro for the benefits of limited liability. The day of the month has since been omitted from public scrutiny but too late for me as the information is already in the public domain. When I suggested that a new director should register a false but, perhaps, approximate date of birth I was given short shrift but why does it matter, who cares and are there penalties for protecting oneself?
For the purposes of shareholders I would have thought that the year of birth or even a range of years would be quite sufficient to indicate whether the directors are likely to expire at short notice. It also seems to me that incapacity to manage a limited company is not indicated by age alone.

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