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Directors Renumeration

Directors Renumeration

Iam a director witha small company owning 25% shares for the last two years.i ave left the financial side to thie other shareholder as he has more experience than myself.
On the company accounts under Directors Renumeration it says "during the year retirement benefits were accruing for one director in respect of money purchase pension schemes"
The director here is the other person.

What does this mean and should the two of us be on this.



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07th Jul 2012 10:08

It just means that ...

the company has paid pension contributions (probably) to the personal pension scheme of one of the directors. As for your second question ... there is no right or wrong as it is up to the directors to decide what the remuneration strategy should be. Go talk to your fellow director.

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to thegreatgrumbleduke
12th Jan 2013 08:50

Sorry about the time in replying but if there is a pension there for one director should there not be a pension there for me.dont know if I am explaining myself well enough,it just seems to me that in our company everything is one sided and I am not business minded enough.

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