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Director's Salary - No PAYE scheme - paid over LEL

Director took random amounts total of 15,000

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Director of a Ltd took 15,000 from company without running payroll from apri 2018 to mar 2019,

now he wants to declare this as salary income

how do we go on about this?

please note the payroll was opened only 5 months ago.

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By Kevin Kavanagh
20th Jun 2019 12:57

Looks like a director's loan to me.

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By Tim Vane
20th Jun 2019 13:10

Why did you post this here? You need to post this on

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By Justin Bryant
20th Jun 2019 13:51

The potential solution to this has been posted here before and you can ignore the usual unfunny and predictable time travel nonsense comments from people who do not know their stuff.

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Replying to Justin Bryant:
By SXGuy
20th Jun 2019 14:00

So saying you can't time travel and re write history is not knowing your stuff? Please elaborate how someone who took money from a business for 12 months, registered for paye 8 months in to the year, can state that money was a salary?

The ops question clearly says the client "now wants to treat this as a salary" implying it wasn't one, the added bonus that random amounts were paid adds weight that it was not a salary either.

Yes of course we could all pretend it was, and file FPS to show it as a full salary, but since FPS should be filed on or before a payment is made, it would be abit hard to argue the amounts were salary payments.

It's either a directors loan, or a dividend payment. Salary it is not.

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Replying to Justin Bryant:
By Vaughan Blake1
20th Jun 2019 14:27

Thank you for confirming, just as I suspected time travel is possible!

No PAYE scheme = not salary
No contemporaneous dividend paperwork = not a dividend
Just doshing out money = loan

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