Directors shares

Directors shares

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We have 2 Offices one in the UK and the other in Hong Kong, the owner of the company wants to have all his shares in the UK side transferred to the Hong Kong MD and not give any to the UK MD, is this right? What are the implications of this,  both Offices are currently experiencing a Trading loss in this Financial Yr, however as the owner live in Hong Kong this office regularly get a cash top up, where the UK doesn't, should the UK MD push to have shares in the UK?

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By Tim Vane
20th Jul 2015 14:11

What has it got to do with you? What is your involvement?

The owner can transfer his shares as he sees fit. If the UK MD is not a shareholder what does he care if the company is making a loss? And why would he want shares in a loss-making company?

You'll need to provide more information, and explain what your interest is. If you are the MD's adviser then you don't really seem to have enough understanding to be advising him.


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By Hilary1748
20th Jul 2015 14:22

Thanks for taking the time to pass a comment, my involvement  is not as the MD's adviser,You are quite right I don't  have enough understanding hence why I asked the question, I am the company's bookkeeper but have been asked by the HK MD to do the transfer and this question was asked by the UK MD who is also an Employee of the UK and is doing his best to turn the negative equity into a positive,


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