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Disability Living Allowance - claiming tax relief

My client receives a disability living allowancecan she claim tax relief?

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My client receives a disability living allowance can she claim tax relief on the car that this money pays towards?  The Disability Living Allowance is a tax free non means tested benefit for people with disabilities.  She used to receive this money, £57 per week, directly into her bank account, and it went towards her car costs.  Now she is on a scheme where the money goes directly to the provider of the car/car lease.  I can't help thinking if she had it straight into her bank account and paid for the car in her own name it would be ok to claim against her self employment.  It doesn't feel ok to claim tax relief on car costs that she has never paid for herself.  She uses the car 40% personal and 60% business.  Any help would be gratefully received.  She does not own the car.

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By possep
24th Jan 2017 14:45

Look like it's pure leasing so a deduction would appear due in accordance with operating/finance lease rules

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Replying to possep:
By juicy lucy
23rd Jan 2017 22:08

Thanks possep, I will have a look in the morning.


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