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Disappearing PAYE clients

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I am currently completying my month end payrolls for clients. As with many others I am also completing the furlough claim for them. So far I have found two clients for whom I made a claim in March/April, but who no longer appear on my client list. I am therefore unable to make a further claim for these clients for May. I know my clients have not appointed a new agent and so does anyone know why this might be occuring and more importantly how to solve it! I want to avoid trying to phone HMRC as last time I called I got no answer after 1/2 on the line.This is obviously very time consuming process during a period when time is clearly a precious comodity. 

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By SXGuy
27th May 2020 11:54

Have you tried looking under account and team access to see if the client appears there but has been unassigned from a team member?

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Replying to SXGuy:
By [email protected]
27th May 2020 13:04

Thanks, but as far as I can tell all my client are assigned to me.

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Replying to [email protected]:
By Cheshire
27th May 2020 14:01

But you said you couldnt see them. So have you tried what has been suggested? (also covered a few times this week in other posts).

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