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Disclose director credit bals - related party?

Do members routinely disclose balances owed to directors included in creditors as related party.

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My reading of related party disclosure requires that we should be adding a note within creditors or a separate related party disclosure whenever there is a director loan account interest-free (as I am sure most are).    We adopt FRS102 1a. SOIRE. Abridged.

Am I wrong and as a "straw poll" does everyone do this whatever the size of the debt?

To be fair in understanding a set of company's accounts knowing that a proportion of the creditors is 'only' owed to the directors might be concerning. However, I am from the school of only showing Companies House the absolute minimum required.


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By Paul Crowley
15th Jan 2021 15:29

FRS 102

FRS 105 only if a debtor

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By williams lester accountants
15th Jan 2021 15:56

In FRS102 yes.

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
15th Jan 2021 16:21

Here's the FRS 102 minimum disclosure requirements for DLAs:

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By Hanleymail
15th Jan 2021 18:28

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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