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a company was incorporated for a client who it has become apparent does not open his post!!!, the company has been disolved by companies house because of late filing of the annual return and accounts, now this company has been trading so what must they do now??? would the trading be for the sole director as a sole trader? never had this happen before so thanks for any advise.

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By Euan MacLennan
07th Jul 2014 14:37

Two possibilities
You can pay a fee of £100, plus the penalty for the overdue accounts, to Companies House for an administrative restoration and then, prepare accounts and file the CT return, orYou can keep schtum!  Companies House are not interested in any dissolved companies.  HMRC evidently did not object when given the required 3 months' notice of the proposed dissolution, so thay are not bothered.

I could not possibility comment on the preferred option. :¬)

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By sarahtaylor2018
07th Jul 2014 14:41

thanks that was what i thought but it all seemed a bit to simple

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