Dissolve Company with HMRC Late File Plenty

Seeking guidance on dissolving doormat company £2800 Late Plenty fine

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I have a company which has never traded. Recently, I was hit with a penalty of up to £2600. The reason was that I naively thought that I had filed a company account as I had submitted them always on time to the Companies House and had assumed that they automatically get submitted to HMRC as well, but obviously, I was not aware. I only registered the company because I wanted to keep a very fancy name. My question is, can I dissolve this company without paying any penalty to HMRC?

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By Dougscott
08th Apr 2024 12:53

Have you tried contacting HMRC and explaining to them what you have just said? If not try it and see what they say.

And of course registering a company name gives no protection to a name, only that another limited company can not use EXACTLY the same name. Anyone else can use the name unless it is protected with a registered trademark or whatever.

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By FactChecker
08th Apr 2024 14:02

"Recently, I was hit with a penalty of up to £2600" which presumably relates to the Late Filing penalty in the title of this thread?

But that omits all the relevant details - what are the individual components that make up that penalty total?
Or to put it another way: for how many years have you failed to file? / what have you failed to fail? / does the HMRC total include anything other than penalties?

You've made a number of naïve and potentially expensive mistakes for no apparently worthwhile purpose.
You should approach an adviser to sort it out for you ("I thought" and "I was not aware" will cut no ice with HMRC) - and then apply the lessons learned in the future.

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By Duggimon
08th Apr 2024 14:41

Did you ever buy make or sell any doormats? If not I expect you could argue the company was dormant throughout the period in question and so no Corporation Tax return was required, if HMRC withdraw the returns the penalties will go away.

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