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Dissolving a limited company

Dissolving a limited company

I have been recommended to post on this site as you are all very knowledgeable and helpful.  I am wanting to dissolve my limited company how long do I have to cease trading before I can do this with Companies House? I am the only Director. Can I do this myself or do I need a professional to do it for me? My end of year is July but I ceased trading 1st July.


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07th Jul 2012 08:56

3 months

You have to wait three months after cessation of trade before applying for striking off.

The information about how to strike off is all available on the Companies House website.

If all filings are completed and you have no creditors then you should be able to manage it yourself, but maybe safer to get an accountant to look at your situation to ensure there are no complications.

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07th Jul 2012 10:50

Make sure tax affairs up to date

In most cases the important thing is to make sure the company's tax affairs are up to date before applying to strike off the company because HMRC are able to object to Companies House if they have not had up to date figures and a corporation tax return.  In reality they can't cope with the tens of thousands of strike offs that go through, but better to do it properly.

As Shirley says, if you have any doubts then best to get an accountant to at least check it over.

Please feel free to PM me, am happy to check over things free of charge.

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