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Dissolving Companies

Dissolving Companies

whats the procedure for dissolving companies?

what forms need to be completed and who needs to be informed?


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12th Mar 2007 10:48

The last posting on this topic is still in the list of Latest Answers - have a look at what hapens when a company is dissolved?.

You need to submit a form 652A to Companies House with a fee of £10. The form has to be signed by all the directors of the company to declare that in the last 3 months, the company has not traded and that the only activity it has undertaken is to settle its affairs.

Companies House will publish notice of the proposed striking off in the London Gazette and the Revenue will almost invariably object unless you have first convinced them that the company is not liable to pay any further tax. In other words, you need to submit a company tax return CT600 with accounts for the final period of trading and pay any corporation tax due.

If you wish to pay out the funds remaining in the company as a capital return on the shareholders' investment in the shares of the company subject to CGT, rather than as an ordinary dividend subject to income tax, you will need to write to the Revenue asking for their clearance under ESC C16. The directors/shareholders have to give the undertakings spelt out in the other thread.

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12th Mar 2007 11:09

Ask your accountant
Do not do this without advice

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