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Dissolving / striking off solvent charity - HMRC?

Will final audited accounts be needed, or is the DS01 process all that HMRC will need?

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I'm in the process of closing down a company limited by guarantee which had previously operated as a charitable body and whose charitable business ceased in the summer of 2019.

All liabilities have been fully discharged, there are no debtors or ongoing trade, and the small surplus cash balance will, under the articles, be distirbuted to a similar charity prior to the company terminating.

The company has never been required to file a CT return under the HMRC's "random" approach to challenging charities for CT.

Is the process at this point as simple as filing the DS01 process, ensuring that HMRC is notified of this, and nothing more will be required?  Or is it likely that HMRC will require final, audited financial statements. suggests final accounts will be a requirement, but there doesn't appear to be a specific process to facilitate this, or is it something which will crop up at the point of HMRC being notified?

As it's not a process we've gone through before, just interested in a "heads up" in terms of the likely requirements over the next few weeks / months.  Plus if audited statements are required, I'd need to reserve funding to allow for that before distribution of cash to the other charities.

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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
12th May 2021 09:06

If nobody has asked for accounts then I would just file the DS01.

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Replying to scalloway:
By larkim
12th May 2021 09:52

That's my gut feel. But how would anybody (e.g. HMRC) know to ask before filing?

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Replying to larkim:
By lionofludesch
12th May 2021 12:16

Write to them if it bothers you.

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12th May 2021 16:44

If you have not seen this may assist (albeit not really re your Co Hse question, but does indicate they need sorted before the Charity Register gets sorted)

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By CJS88
16th May 2021 19:49

Before I file a DS01, charity or not, I always write a quick letter to HMRC saying more or less what you have said in your posting so they have no reason to object.

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