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Dividend Certificate info

Dividend Certificate info

I am creating a web-form to create the dividend certificate and minutes automatically, after entering the information. Is this info all ok for the certificate?
Thanks for your thoughts...
Dividend Certificate

ABC Limited
Date of dividend 12/01/2007
Shareholder name: James Smith
Number of shares held: 2
Class of share: Ordinary B
Amount paid per share: £ 1000.00
Amount paid: £ 2000
Tax Credit: £ 222.22
Total: £ 2222.22

Signed for the company by Fred Bloggs
ABC Limited This Address, This Town, WS11 2BB
Company registered in England & Wales number 12345678
----------------cut here-----------------------


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By Anonymous
08th Oct 2007 13:35

Hi Paul,

You would probably want to add the type of dividend (interim. presumably) as well as the year to which the dividend relates.

Interin dividend of £1,000 per £1 ordinary share for the year ended 31st March 2008 payable (same date as div certificate date) to shareholders registered on (same date as div certificate date).

You might also want to include the company tax reference, as well as weaving in its address and the address of the shareholder.

I would show the designation of the signatory (eg "Secretary").

I'm not sure whether using the words "Dividend Certificate" would be sufficient: we use "Dividend Tax Voucher" - or are you planning on issuing say monthly certificates and one tax voucher at the year end? I'm out of my comfort zone with that one.

Good luck.

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