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DIY Self Build with existing structures

Does an existing detached garage need to be demolished as well?

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A client of mine has just bought a property which has a detached garage with it.  He intends to demolish the house and build a new one in its place and understands that this must be done to ground level in order to qualify for a VAT refund under the DIY housebuilders scheme.  The one point we are not totally sure about is whether the existing detatched garage can be simply left as it is or whether this would need to be demolished as well. It is perfectly useable as it stands and my client would prefer not to rebuild this and incur the associated costs. 

My understanding is that if it were attached to the main house then it would need to be demolished as well but if detached then it would be fine to leave as it is and the new build would still qualify for a VAT refund under the DIY housebuilders scheme.

If anyone could confirm this for me that would be greatly appreciated!


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By Les Howard
20th Dec 2019 13:51

If the garage is to remain separate to the new dwelling, there is no need to demolish it too.
But do get professional advice at an early stage. HMRC are rejecting most DIY claims at the moment. (We are told around 75%.)

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Replying to leshoward:
By chrispinches
20th Dec 2019 16:07

Many thanks for your response, most appreciated. Noted too re the rejections at HMRC although all other aspects of this build should be relatively straight forward i should think so shouldn't be a problem. Its hard to see what they could find fault with but I guess we'll see!

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