Do any members use Capium Practice Suite

Do any members use Capium Practice suite in their business and what are there views of it.

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I currently use Digita for Accounts Production, Corporation Tax and Self Assessment and am considering changing to Capium, and would appreciate any members views on Capium before I commit.

Many thanks in advance.

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By westdeep
11th Apr 2024 11:27

We switched from Digita to Capium three years ago. It is half the price of Digita, more user friendly and ten times as fast. Digita when we used it was just awful. Capium has its little niggles like any software but overall, we have had a wonderful experience with it. Support is also quick and good - not that you will need it much. Thoroughly recommended.

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By Rgab1947
11th Apr 2024 11:34

Had Digita and switched to Capium. One of my better decisions. Full cloud unlike Digita then, cheaper and easier to use. Like it.

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By legerman
15th Apr 2024 22:29

I've been using Capium for two years now, and highly reccommend it. I haven't got my head fully round the bookkeeping module but I'll be concentrating on that this year.

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